What Makes Us Unique


You have probably heard the terms “legacy giving” and “Estate planning,” phrases typically associated with confusing, legal jargon. At Money for Ministry, our goal is to communicate how donors can leave a legacy in a simple and compelling way. We believe “leaving a legacy” is more than a legal transaction — it’s an act of worship.

There are three things that make the Money for Ministry approach unique in this industry:


While many organizations emphasize the “terminology and techniques” of planned giving, we have found it is far more compelling to address matters of the heart first. Our approach comes from a place of nurturing and sharing one’s faith, discussing stewardship from a biblical perspective and what it looks like to bless your loved ones with a lasting legacy. We also emphasize how leaving a gift in your Will can honor God.


Once the proper messaging is established, it’s important to communicate it effectively. Our method seamlessly:

  1. Integrates. We integrate your new program into your existing marketing channels so it intuitively becomes part of your team’s DNA, existing donor communications, and what you’re already doing with outside service providers (ex. direct mail agencies, capital campaigns, etc).
  2. Nurtures. We help you create ongoing dialogue with your best legacy gift prospects. This is critical to your success, as research shows most legacy gifts are triggered by unexpected or significant life events. If you’re already positioned as a trusted friend and partner, you’ll be top of mind when someone is moved to consider a legacy gift.


Money For Ministry specializes exclusively in helping Christian nonprofits surface legacy gifts. While there are roughly 1,500,000 charities in the United States alone – the ones who really stir our hearts to partnership are dedicated to advancing the cause of Christ. These ministry organizations bring hope and healing to the “least of these” and spread the message of salvation in Christ by making “disciples of all nations.”