What Makes Us Unique


There are 3 things that set our approach apart from other in-house and outsourced options:


While many organizations emphasize the “terminology and techniques” of planned giving, we have found it is far more compelling to present a “faith and family” message – the two things your donors care about the most.


We do two things that are really unique (and very powerful) in the planned giving world:

  1. Integrate. We integrate your new program into what you’re already doing so that it seamlessly becomes part of your team’s DNA, part of your existing donor communications, and part of what you’re already doing with outside service providers (ex. direct mail agencies, capital campaigns, etc).
  2. Nurture. We help you create on ongoing dialogue with your best legacy gift prospects. This is critical to your success, as most legacy gifts are triggered by life events. This means you need to position yourself as a trusted friend and partner so that when the time is right to consider a legacy gift, you are top of mind.

Why do you specialize in Christian nonprofits?

There are many wonderful charities – about 1,500,000 of them in the United States alone – but the ones who really stir our hearts are dedicated to advancing the cause of Christ. These ministry organizations bring hope and healing to the “least of these” and spread the message of salvation in Christ by making “disciples of all nations.”