Is Partnering with Money For Ministry a Good "Fit"
for Your Organization?


While you’re probably expecting us to say “yes,” the truth is, we’re not a good “fit” for every nonprofit organization.

In fact, we’ve politely said “no” to a few potentially lucrative opportunities along the way for one reason: Belief. For example, if you believe that planned giving is primarily a financial or legal transaction, we’re probably not a good fit for your organization (and we’d be happy to point you to a list of reputable planned giving vendors) — but if you resonate with our 10 belief statements below, you might consider taking the next step by clicking here to get started.

  1. A Will isn’t just a legal document – it’s an act of worship – and we can help your donors truly understand this.
  2. “Ordinary” donors can make an extraordinary ministry impact with legacy gifts.
  3. Ministry leaders make a big mistake focusing all of their energy on the “treadmill” of running after cash gifts to meet budget year after year.
  4. The cause of Christ. Jesus came not only to save us from something (our sin), but also to save us for something (the Great Commandment and the Great Commission).
  5. The goal of ministry fundraisers is discipleship – helping people move from Luke 12 (bigger barns mindset) to Mark 12 (widow’s mite mindset).
  6. The message of biblical stewardship and its power to move people from financial frustration to financial freedom.
  7. God prospers us not to raise our standard of living, but to raise our standard of giving (Randy Alcorn in the Treasure Principle)
  8. The message of stewardship in a context of faith, family and community. Individuals who give legacy gifts to Christian nonprofits are motivated by their love for the Lord, their families, communities, and the ministries they care about.
  9. Legacy gifts are the “major gifts” of the middle class – the quiet, “under the radar” givers who are faithfully supporting you with small gifts right now (that you may never meet in person).
  10. Legacy Giving is the most under-tapped opportunity in ministry fundraising today. (Here’s why)