• “The integration of planned giving into all of our revenue and communication streams is important because we consider it to be a tremendous ministry opportunity for our donors and other constituents, regardless of the amount they give or channel they give through. We also believe that current giving and planned giving go hand-in-hand in faithful biblical stewardship.” – George Fisher

  • “When a ministry only has one or two people who focus on planned giving, it is hard to have a culture that truly embraces the importance of it. Developing a team approach means more staff see how important it is to the ministry’s long-term sustainability. And as staff understand how estate planning is actually a ministry to donors, it allows new opportunities to engage with givers because staff look for ways to include a planned giving component in events, mailings, campaigns, etc. That relieves the burden of only one person trying to constantly give planned giving the attention it deserves.” - Elaine Watkins

  • “At its core, giving that supports Kingdom work is a reverent act of loving worship. This truth holds true for near-term outright giving, and for planned legacy bequest giving. Bearing powerful witness to this are the many, many faithful examples we see of legacy gifts entrusted to support Missions for generations to come.” – Lee Manis

  • “There isn’t a gift that is more honoring, more encouraging, or more humbling to receive than that of the widow’s mite. It reveals the heart of Jesus as it reminds me of what’s truly of value to Him. We’ve been pleasantly surprised and very blessed to be a benefactor of estate gifts from these generous donors. It’s surprising because historically, the amount of their gifts was very modest, and you would never have imagined, judging a book by its cover, they had the resources to provide such a generous gift.” - Ed Tolsma

  • “Mike may be the most gifted surfer riding the wave of legacy giving in America today. No one in the faith-based sector knows more about the impact of legacy giving than Mike and his team. Read his book, “Ride the Wave” – there is no better description of the biblical view of estate gift growth on the planet.” – Roy C. Jones, CFRE

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    “Just as my own personal relationship with the Lord grows and deepens when I engage in a dialogue of prayer with Him, our family of legacy givers at Bethany Christian Services grows and deepens as we engage in prayerful dialogue with them. Our annual planned giving dialogue survey has increased to double digit response rates over the last two years. We believe this is a result of how we screen and filter our database, increasing the number of total surveys we send out, and increasing the number of “live” conversations we’re now having with our donors all year long.” – Bruce Hakim

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    “Faith and family messaging is what resonates with donors because it speaks steadfastly to their heart and soul. It’s what’s important to them. We’ve used this approach in our messaging, surveys, and multi-channel marketing strategy and it has produced phenomenal results – with response rates over 20 percent. Our Goodheart Legacy Society has grown by 56 percent, and our prospect pool is now more like a lake than a backyard kiddie pool!” – Alice Cavanaugh