• In a relatively short period of time, this program has accomplished what would have required additional staff and numerous hours for us to accomplish. The reasonable fee for MFM services far outweigh the cost of paying salaries and benefits for additional staff.  Because of the constant demand for raising operational funds, MFM has moved our estate design activity from constantly being put on a back burner to one of our front burners.

  • We love this program! This is the greatest tool to stay in touch with committed donors. It's a process that works. In all our years of doing development we have never run against a program that did so much good.
  • We really appreciate that you are biblically based, your team’s ability to listen and absorb information, and that you are flexible and have a willingness to teach and guide. Loved your counsel to 'lead with Inspiration, follow with Information!'

  • We believe you are more aligned with our faith-based approach to relationships than any others that we spoke with. This resonated deeply with us.

  • The most appealing feature of your program is the Integrated Strategy Development. This plan gives us a clear step-by-step process for our staff in connection with potential prospects - we really like that it is a permissions-based process.

  • We appreciate how you keep in touch and stay on top of what we do. We also appreciate that you make sure we do what we say we will do. Your team has acted professionally and sincerely.