Guide Your “Hidden Major Donors” Through Your Legacy Gift Pipeline

Leverage messaging that emphasizes faith and family to create awareness.

Cultivate engaging, on-going dialogue with prospects and loyal donors.

Nurture your relationship with individuals who’ve included your ministry in their Will.

Track new estate gifts and priority prospects with actionable, easy-to-read reporting.

Our Unique Approach

You’ve probably heard the terms “legacy giving” and “Estate planning” – topics that often include confusing, legal jargon. At Money for Ministry, our goal is to communicate these topics in a simple and compelling way — educating the average donor on how giving a gift in their Will honors God.

We believe “leaving a legacy” is much more than a legal transaction – for many it’s an act of worship — an expression of good stewardship and a powerful way for donors to communicate what they hold most dear – their commitment to Christ and to the work of your ministry.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Mike takes us on a journey whereby our donors can see benefit in legacy giving... I love Mike's multi-channel approach so that literally everything that we produce talks about legacy giving... the stories that are created are impactful." New Logo BandW

    Penny Kievet | City Rescue Mission Jacksonville
    Received $1.4 million
  • "Mike's approach is quite the opposite of most planned giving experts. Instead of giving us tax mumbo-jumbo, he relates his topics in easy-to-understand copy that challenges supporters to think about God through their giving." Holland Rescue Mission

    Rachael Neal | Holland Rescue Mission
    Received $450,000 from a donor that didn't even own a washing machine or dryer
  • "We are very thankful to the Lord for our partnership in ministry with Mike. Being from an agricultural state, the legacy materials are spot on with our culture and what the Bible says about stewardship: cultivate, plant seeds, and water." City-Impact

    Mike Friend | City Impact
    Received $200,000 with the help of a local Christian attorney
  • "Mikes talks about impact, legacy, and stewardship – and less about designating money. Donors find the language refreshing and thought-provoking. We like it because it’s a better description of a Biblical view of estate planning." City-Gospel-Msn
    Paul Spence | City Gospel Mission
    Received $1.6 million
  • "Mike has a vast knowledge of planned giving and brings added value to any planned giving program no matter their level of sophistication with his multi-channel marketing system." Grace-Bible-College

    Steve Hilbrands | Grace Bible College
    Received $230,000 from a donor with an unknown support history
  • "Mike helped us identify over 11,000 highly qualified legacy gift prospects, helped us create a workable plan to develop those relationships, and spark a greater interest with his well-written, attention-getting communication pieces." Mel-Trotter-Ministries

    Vanessa Daniels | Mel Trotter Ministries
    Received a legacy gift from a retired secretary with no children who cherished the ministry
  • "We are extremely pleased with Mike’s transformational messaging and the results we have seen from our broad-based cultivation of legacy prospects."

    Denver Rescue Mission

    Alice Cavanaugh | Denver Rescue Mission
    Received a legacy gift commitment from a couple with no children and non-believing extended family.
  • "With the direction of Mike we are using a multi-channel approach to planned giving, keeping our message in front of our supporters through mail, web and email."


    Scott Halquist | Holland Home
    Received $100,000 from a donor whose lifetime giving was $140
  • "Mike is wise, positive and encouraging.  I believe that the awareness of this opportunity will rise with our donors using Mike’s advice such as putting Planned Giving in every communication."


    Laura Posthumus | Home Missions (CRCNA)
    Received over $500,000 from a couple with no children that previously gave small donations
  • "Mike has a passion for Christian stewardship and for encouraging others to see the responsibility and the blessing of Christian stewardship."


    Dale Scholten | Holland Christian Schools
    Received $517,293 from someone whose children attended their Christian School
  • "Mike has a strong team approach which helps in meeting the goals of both the organization and the donors. He also helps in raising the discussion of planned giving within an organization to the level it deserves."


    Dave Bustraan | Mission India
    Received $162,023 from a donor that loved the ministry but had minimal contact with them
  • Bethany-Christian-ServicesReceived $210,000 from a donor who had given about 6% of that amount during his lifetime

    Mike has the unique ability to take simple touch points and turn them into effective, gift generating strategies. His enthusiasm and marketing skills have transformed the way we are marketing legacy planning and planned gifts!

    Keith Meyering

    Keith Meyering | Bethany Christian Services
    Received $210,000 from a donor who had given about 6% of that amount during his lifetime

What Our Clients Are Saying