Guide Your “Hidden Major Donors” Through Your Legacy Gift Pipeline

Leverage messaging that emphasizes faith and family to create awareness.

Cultivate engaging, on-going dialogue with prospects and loyal donors.

Nurture your relationship with individuals who’ve included your ministry in their Will.

Track new estate gifts and priority prospects with actionable, easy-to-read reporting.

Our Unique Approach

You’ve probably heard the terms “legacy giving” and “Estate planning” – topics that often include confusing, legal jargon. At Money for Ministry, our goal is to communicate these topics in a simple and compelling way — educating the average donor on how giving a gift in their Will honors God.

We believe “leaving a legacy” is much more than a legal transaction – for many it’s an act of worship — an expression of good stewardship and a powerful way for donors to communicate what they hold most dear – their commitment to Christ and to the work of your ministry.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • CRM Jax

    [Money for Ministry] takes us on a journey whereby our donors can see benefit in legacy giving... we love their multi-channel approach so that literally everything that we produce talks about legacy giving... the stories that are created are impactful.

  • What we enjoy most is the "hands-off" nature of Money for Ministry's services.  It’s so simple and easily distributed to our donors.  We do very little!

  • City Gospel Mission LOGO

    [The materials] talk about impact, legacy, and stewardship – and less about designating money. Donors find the language refreshing and thought-provoking. We like it because it’s a better description of a Biblical view of estate planning.

  • GBC Legacy Logo

    [Money for Ministry] has a vast knowledge of planned giving and brings added value to any planned giving program no matter their level of sophistication with his multi-channel marketing system.

  • DRMlogo S

    We are extremely pleased with Mike’s transformational messaging and the results we have seen from our broad-based cultivation of legacy prospects.

  • holland-home

    Money for Ministry knows us and our mission. And that familiarity translates into effective consultation. Your process keeps us moving in a positive direction related to our donors and their stewardship of all God has given them. The past several years have produced wonderful results, and the dashboard is such a helpful tool to track progress and determine next steps.

  • Holland Christian Schools logo

    [Money for Ministry] has a passion for Christian stewardship and for encouraging others to see the responsibility and the blessing of Christian stewardship.

  • mission-india-logo

    [Money for Ministry] has a strong team approach which helps in meeting the goals of both the organization and the donors. [They] also help in raising the discussion of planned giving within an organization to the level it deserves.

  • BCS_Logo_RGB

    [Money for Ministry] has the unique ability to take simple touch points and turn them into effective, gift generating strategies. [Their] enthusiasm and marketing skills have transformed the way we are marketing legacy planning and planned gifts!

  • We are so grateful to Money for Ministry for helping us get the planned giving conversation started with our donors. Because of your work, our donors are now thinking about leaving legacy gifts to our ministry and committing to do so. We really appreciate how easy the whole process has been on our end. We have a lot on our plates in our small development office, and it's been great to know that, because of Money for Ministry, our donors are receiving timely follow-up and attention as they engage with us about planned giving. Thank you for all you have done for us!

  • You have encouraged and pushed us on to the righteous activity of gratitude and care, thanking and praying with our donors. The more that we can as a staff show Christ's love in this manner, the better!

  • BTG logo_horiz_fullcolor

    We have really enjoyed the opportunity to engage in the 'idea generation' over family, stewardship content that is produced. This makes for a better product as Money for Ministry listens to our donors and our reps and then produces solid biblical content that speaks to others in similar situations.

  • We have enjoyed the fact that you actually offer so many services all under one roof. Our team has become more aware of the ways we can communicate with and appreciate some of our donors who might have fallen through the cracks, and offer a service to our donors as opposed to our relationship with them being a one way street. We believe that God directed us to Money for Ministry and your team. Thank you for all you have done to help us grow.

  • We have enjoyed seeing people respond like this! They are answering the survey and letting us know why they give. These are important stories, and now we have them!

  • We love your heart for our ministry to our donors - they are people with dreams not targets for money.

    Money for Ministry employs a proven strategy and keeps us on track;  we are not just left alone. You have great customer service and are always available. And we like the fact that you always keep us focused on the ministry of what we are doing.

  • We love this program! This is the greatest tool to stay in touch with committed donors. It's a process that works. In all our years of doing development we have never run against a program that did so much good.
  • Your team has been very responsive to our questions of clarification and schedule adjustment. Your faith and family message sets you apart from other planned giving growth programs; and the flexibility in scheduling the messages. Since we plan so far out, it is nice to have the messaging waiting in the wings for the next delivery method.

  • We appreciate how you keep in touch and stay on top of what we do. We also appreciate that you make sure we do what we say we will do. Your team has acted professionally and sincerely.

  • The most appealing feature of your program is the Integrated Strategy Development. This plan gives us a clear step-by-step process for our staff in connection with potential prospects - we really like that it is a permissions-based process.

  • We believe you are more aligned with our faith-based approach to relationships than any others that we spoke with. This resonated deeply with us.

  • We really appreciate that you are biblically based, your team’s ability to listen and absorb information, and that you are flexible and have a willingness to teach and guide. Loved your counsel to 'lead with Inspiration, follow with Information!'

  • In a relatively short period of time, this program has accomplished what would have required additional staff and numerous hours for us to accomplish. The reasonable fee for MFM services far outweigh the cost of paying salaries and benefits for additional staff.  Because of the constant demand for raising operational funds, MFM has moved our estate design activity from constantly being put on a back burner to one of our front burners.

  • TOWM logo

    We enjoy your team the most, we feel supported and encouraged when we meet and appreciate the attention to detail and follow through of your whole team.  The process of prospect development, while sometimes challenging to integrate with our organizational culture, has been fruitful and we can see the benefit.

  • John 3:16 Mission

    The survey is a great way to open conversations with folks on their terms.  Also the data reporting is great.  We can really see how the program is effective in helping folks make decisions.

What Our Clients Are Saying