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“Our foundation had a goal by 2020 to have $10 million designated towards the foundation through Money for Ministry. We found that we have more like $20 million designated.”
John Booy, Potter’s House

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Nonprofit Fundraising Resources

Turn Single Gifts into Monthly Donor Support pdf

Turn Single Gifts Into Monthly Giving Programs

Many people donate a gift to your organization because they’re passionate about your mission or compelled by a specific initiative. But what kind of impact could they have as a monthly donor? The answer: massive. Not only are recurring donors your most loyal backers, they also historical give more.

Learn more about creating monthly giving programs

Accept Retirement Assets

Many people who desire to practice good stewardship of their resources view estate planning as a wise way to provide for their loved ones and communicate what matters most in their lifetime. A great way to do this is by leveraging your retirement assets and the permanently-instated IRA charitable rollover. The rollover allows you to bless the organizations you care about while also avoiding heavy taxation on your assets and income.

Learn more about Accepting Retirement Assets
Retirement Assets pdf cover
Acquire More Gifts from Donor Advised Funds pdf cover

Acquire More Gifts from Donor-Advised Funds

You already know Donor Advised Funds (DAF) are a popular giving tool, but the speed at which they’re growing is astounding. Many people are intimidated to ask for gifts from donors. But the number one reason your organization isn’t receiving DAF gifts is donors don’t know you accept them. Don’t shy away, promote!

Learn How To Attract Gifts From a DAF Donor

How to Create a Shareable Brochure

Your most enthusiastic supporters are always looking for a good reason to bring you up. So, it’s great to have a mission-centric piece they can easily share with their friends. A simple brochure or one-sheet can create interest in your organization and inspire your reader. Just be sure you rely more on inspiration than information. A few stats can impress, but getting to your reader’s heart will make a bigger splash.

Learn How To Create A Shareable Brochure [With Sample Brochure]
How to Create a Shareable Resource For Your Organization
Money for Ministry's Guide to Understanding Your Funnel pdf cover

Money for Ministry’s Guide to Understanding Your Donor Funnel

Every donor is a planned giving prospect, but each person is at a different spot in their journey. We recommend creating content that targets each of these three types of people, understanding they have varying degrees of familiarity with planned giving – some are barely aware of the concept, others are actively showing interest, and the final group are ready to give a legacy gift (or have already included you in their will).

Read Money For Ministry’s Guide To Understanding Your Funnel.

Money for Ministry’s Top Marketing Tips for Legacy Giving Programs

In closing, one of the most important parts of planned giving messaging is to remember to “ask.” Many people don’t consider legacy giving because they think their estate is too small, or because they’ve simply never had someone put the concept on their radar. In our estimation, the only reason not to ask is if it’s too soon. (No one wants a marriage proposal on the first date!)

Learn Money For Ministry’s Top Marketing Tips For Legacy Giving Programs
Money for Ministry's Top Marketing Tips pdf cover
Donor Advised Funds pdf cover

Donor Advised Funds

A personal giving fund, known as a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), is the country’s fastest growing charitable vehicle and may be just what you’re looking for. Donor Advised Funds are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to simplify their giving and have the versatility to give whenever their heart feels inclined. Donor Advised Funds have quickly become a favorite of so many because they make giving simple and enjoyable.

Read More About Donor Advised Funds (DAFS)

Informational Handout for Ethical Wills

An ethical will is a personal document you create to communicate your values, experiences, life lessons and family heritage to your loved ones. Unlike a legal will which focuses on passing along your physical assets, property and items of monetary value, an ethical will serves to share guiding principles, memories, spiritual values, stories of personal faith, family objects with personal (but not necessarily monetary) value and future wishes for your family.

Download Informational Handout For Ethical Wills
Ethical Will pdf cover
Charitable Gift Annuities pdf cover

Charitable Gift Annuities

Many people who desire to financially support charities they care about have chosen a giving vehicle called a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA). This simple arrangement involves a charitable gift and an ongoing income; individuals can give, while also receiving a permanent income stream for life. CGAs are often an excellent fit for anyone who lives on a fixed income or is concerned about outliving their retirement — but still wants to live generously.

Learn More About Charitable Gift Annuities

How to Integrate Legacy Giving with your Capital Campaign

A capital campaign can be a great way to maximize the moment and your organization’s long-term vision for an estate gift. It should be as comprehensive as possible: enhancing all funding sources, including planned giving or legacy giving.

Learn How To Integrate Legacy Giving With Your Capital Campaign
Making it All Work Seamlessly pdf cover
Giving Any Asset pdf cover

Assets Non-Profits Can Accept

When people think about giving to charity, they often go straight to writing a check, but it’s wise to consider other non-cash options too. Did you know research shows that about 90 percent of wealth is actually held in non-cash assets? As a result, many people incorrectly assume the value of their estate is much less than it actually is — and miss out on important opportunities to further charitable causes or bless their loved ones in significant ways!

Learn More About Assets Your Non-Profit Should Solicitate


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